Our story

JAN 2019 - A girl got hungry
Hungry for food, hungry to create. The different ideas behind Ingredients of Trust were starting to simmer after playing lots of card games and taking too many personality tests.
APR 2019 - Food for thought 
Shared the early stage illustrations and concept to classmates and professors at USC as part of a final Capstone course.
JUL 2019 - Let's get cooking 
30 special ingredients were born.
SEPT 2019 - Say Buns LLC created 
Say Buns was inspired by the Japanese word "seibun" (せいぶん), meaning "ingredient" or "component".
AUG 2020 - Grand opening 
The launch of our little shop! Come get your fresh ingredients as cards, stickers, and more (coming soon!).
Victoria is an illustrator who wants to empower others to see themselves as their loved ones would. Ingredients of Trust was born out of the joy of connecting with others over shared experiences, and with a sprinkle of cute to remind you that a positive mindset is everything during uncertain times.
She spends her time designing and creating with the support of her friends and family in sunny Pasadena, CA. She loves being a dog mom to her pup, Kupo, who inspires her to never take life too seriously (except when it comes to good food, of course). 
Please have fun browsing the shop, and thank you for your continued support! 
With love,

Founder of Ingredients of Trust
Say Buns LLC